STEAM Modular

Introducing STEAM Modular – your ticket to the world of electronics in the popular EuroRack small format! These modules aren't just gadgets – they're your key to unlocking the power of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) in the coolest way possible!

Forget boring old electronics – STEAM Modules are here to shake things up. Based on your favourite programming and circuit prototyping boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Unihiker, these modules are like building blocks for your wildest inventions.

But here's where it gets really exciting: with STEAM Modules, you're the master of your creation. Thanks to their smart design, you can tweak, twist, and tinker with the I/O Pins to add, remove, or change features.

That means you can turn a module into your very own STEAM masterpiece!

Feeling extra adventurous? Mix and match different STEAM Modules or throw in some third-party ones to create something truly unique.

Picture it: your own custom STEAM setup, all neatly packed in a standard EuroRack case. Take it with you wherever you go and watch jaws drop as you showcase your creativity and brainpower.

And hey, here's a fun fact: these skills – creativity, analytical thinking – they're the stuff future employers are looking for. So, why wait? Embark on your inventure today with STEAM Modular and let the fun begin!

EuroRack/STEAM Modules & EuroRack small format

Ever heard of Eurorack? It's like the LEGO of music synths but way cooler - created by Doepfer Musikelektronik back in 1995. Eurorack has been taking the music world by storm ever since!

Think of it as your musical playground where you can mix and match all sorts of cool stuff like oscillators, filters, amplifiers, and even funky effect processors.

The best part? It's not just about music – with STEAM Modules you can dive into the world of LED lights, relays, servo/stepper motors, video, temperature/humidity sensors, and whatever else your creative heart desires!

Now, let's talk size. Eurorack modules are like puzzle pieces, standing at 128.5mm tall (that's about 5 inches) and usually referred to as 3U (that's 3 rack units). They come in different widths measured in Horizontal Pitch (HP), where 1HP equals about 5mm (or 0.2 inches). So, if you're eyeing a 3U/10HP module, it's 128.5mm tall by 50.5mm wide.

Eurorack cases (generally referred to as Modular Cases) come in all shapes, colours and sizes, just waiting for you to customize them to match your vibe.

Some have a built-in power supply to power newly purchased modules, or the power supply is a EuroRack module all by itself.

You only need one power supply to run your whole Eurorack/STEAM setup

STEAM Modules

1. EuroHiker
The EuroHiker module is based on the popular (Linux) Unihiker single board computer by DFRobot.

This board comes standard with WiFi/Bluetooth, Light Sensor, Microphone, Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Buzzer, MicroSD card slot.

Various I/O connectivity (PWM, ADC, I2C, UART, USB, SPI)

The EuroHiker module, which is under development, will have:
• 1 x 2.8” colour (resistive) touch screen (the UniHiker module)
• 1 x Gate IN + LED
• 1 x CV IN + LED
• 1 x Gate OUT + LED
• 1 x CV OUT + LED
• 1 x Rotary Encoder w/push button and built-in RGB LEDs
• On/Off switch + LED
• 1 x I/O Expansion header to interact with other STEAM modules

The EuroHiker module will have a touch screen driven menu to launch Python programs and either run by itself or interact with adjacent STEAM modules.

2. Breakout
• Lots of I/O pins for power wiring (+12V, -12V, +5V, +3V3, +6V, +9V) to external (MAKEON) projects
• Pins can be covered to prevent using “unwanted” voltages
• Power Indicators (LEDs)
• Sockets to seat the optional MAKEON Sound Module

3. Frizzle
• A 4 track module to demonstrate polyrhythms
• Drives onboard relays for external control (air-/water-valves, vacuum pumps, LEDs etc.)
• TTL output to control Eurorack equipment or .wav players etc.
• Raspberry PI Pico based
• Fully (re)programmable (Open Source)
• All pins GPIO pins can be disconnected for rerouting to some other external board rather than its intended “Frizzle use”