I’m Erik OOSTVEEN and I design electronics with music.

I am an electronic-music hobbyist. My educational background is in electronics.

I have built various music gadgets since the early 1980s when the first synth-bands sparked my enthusiasm for electronic music.

In the early 1990s I ended up -and still am- in the Telecoms industry but around 2015 my love for making electronic-music circuitry re-ignited and I have since developed the skills to take an idea from start to finish.

I publish my open-source audio- and video- projects for anyone to build, copy or improve. I also sell small batches of my projects to recoup the money spent on those projects and for the development of new cool designs!

I am based in the lovely city of Coventry - the UK's heartland of technological innovation and creativity.

Music brings people together
When I don't design electronics for making music, I like to actually record electronic music. Play my music on Spotify.
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Donate if you can
Coding, testing, drawing up diagrams, website write-ups, designing PCBs, designing front panels & buying components all costs time and money -- support my open source work and the projects will keep coming!